Concrete Stains


True Finishing has experience in many different staining applications from acid or reactive stains to water born dyes. We also can integrally color micro-toppings and overlays. When using a reactive stain the variations in the coloring are limitless, however they can vary tremendously in color and marbling effect.

Acid Stain is not a paint or coating agent - it is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction on a cementitious material.  A solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts reacts with minerals already present in the concrete; the result of this reaction is color. There is nothing consistent about acid stains. There are many different variables that can affect the marbling, color and tinting on every substrate that is being stained.

There are also colored dyes that can be diluted into water, acetone, or isopropyl alcohol. Each medium will produce a different effect with the same color. Dyes will have a more uniform color without as much marbling.