Ardex PC-M Micro-Topping with Ameripolish stain and Epoxy/Urethane sealer.

True Finishing specializes in micro-toppings which can be used in a variety of different applications.  Once a micro-topping is applied to the surface of a floor you have essentially created a new canvas.  The possibilities are endless.  You can stain, dye, add color in the topping, acid stain or any combination of these to make a "unique floor that will never be duplicated."  Your imagination  can run wild with these types of floors for they truly are one of a kind. 

Using a specialized sealer is critical with these floors.  Applying two coats of epoxy with a urethane top coat is usually recommended for interior applications that are not going to be in direct sunlight.  Sunlight can potentially amber epoxies over time.  If you have an application that is going to be in the sun or outside you should use a polyaspartic or MMA top coat as both are UV stable.