Moisture Remediation


True Finishing's parnership with Ardex flooring solutions and mutual goal for providing consistent quality results guarantees the highest standards in an industry filled with unforeseen variables. This especially applies to an important aspect of problem-free, long lasting flooring and moisture control. The Ardex MC Moisture Control System can be a one or two coat epoxy resin system with or without sand broadcast to suppress excessive moisture vapor. These systems are especially suited to treat areas of new concrete where the construction schedule is such that adequate drying of the concrete cannot be afforded.

The Ardex MC Moisture Control systems are reactive epoxy systems that produce an extremely hard surface, which tenaciously bonds to the substrate. These systems reduce moisture emissions to an acceptable level, even over new concrete that is only 7 days old. True Finishing is certified in these systems and can provide up to 15 YEAR WARRANTIES that cover the entire floor, down time of the space, material and everything in-between. Please call for warranty details.