Self Leveling

True Finishing specializes in self leveling floors. We are certified by Ardex as a Preferred Partner installing self leveling underlayments using various Ardex products. This material can be used as an underlayment for carpet, tile and wood flooring or can be used for a decorative "concrete" look. Most Ardex procuts are designed designed for use over concrete, metal, terrazzo, ceramic tile, wood and non-water-soluble old flooring adhesive residue (including cutback) on, above or below grade.

Ardex products are pourable or pumpable and installs from featheredge to 1.5 in. in one application. Ardex K-15 can be used up to 5 in. with the addition of proper aggregate. Design specifically for fast leveling of floors, Ardex provides a durable, flat and smooth floor surface with minimum labor and installation time.

Ardex hardens quickly by hydration and drying. It will not shrink, crack or spall, even when applied in thick layers. Floor coverings can be installed just 16 hours later.


  • Portland cement based

  • High strength: 4100 psi

  • Installs up to 5 in. thick

  • Designed specifically for fast leveling of floors

  • Walk-able in 2-3 hours

  • Install floor covering after 16 hours

True Finishing also has the ability to pump self-leveling material at a rate of 7500 sqft. per hour using the CUBE Pumping System. We can level large areas in a matter of hours which can be accelerate construction schedules.