Substrate Preparation


The key to success when installing flooring is to achieve a good bond between the substrate and the underlayment or topping. Proper preparation of the surface is the most important factor in achieving this bond. No matter which topping or underlayment is used to level, smooth or repair a substrate's surface, it will only be as strong as the surface to which it is bonded. The surface, therefore, must be sound, clean and free of oil, grease, wax, dirt, asphalt, curing and sealing compounds, latex and gypsum compounds, dust, paint, or any contaminant that might act as a bond breaker. True Finishing always over prepares the subfloor to ensure proper bonding.  "When in doubt hit it again."

True Finishing uses a variety of methods to provide a clean, sound and solid substrate:

  • Shotblasting

  • Scarifying

  • Grinding

  • Scabbling

  • Chiseling

  • High-pressure water blasting